The fact that I have ten tiny turtles littering my desk and that turtles have shown up on my website would lead some people to believe that either a.) I really like turtles, or that b.) I collect teeny tiny turtles.  The truth is somewhere in between.

Years ago, my son’s Grade 1 teacher returned from a holiday and brought a little wooden turtle with a wobbly head as a souvenir for each of the children.  I expect I exclaimed profusely about the adorable nature of the black-shelled turtle with the colourful polka dots and about the thoughtfulness of the teacher.

Before long, the wobbly-headed turtle wound up on my desk, except the head no longer wobbled.  It had been severed cleanly from the little wire that held it in place.  Now, I don’t remember if it came to my desk for repairs or because the child thought the cute turtle was “dumb,” but I know it hasn’t left.

This small turtle became a symbol for my son.  He decided I love turtles and purchases them for me on holidays and to mark special occasions.  Hence, I now love teeny tiny turtles of all makes and models.

Since I see them so often scattered on my desk, I now sometimes think about turtles and have come to respect them and to see that, indeed, I have a lot in common with this sea-faring creatures.

These are the reasons I really like turtles:

1.  No matter where they are, they are at home.

2.  When they get scared, they can pull in their head, arms, and legs and hide as long as they want.

3.  They snap, bite and spit when they are mad.

4.  They move slowly enough to appreciate the small things along the way.

5.  They love the sea and they love beaches.

6.  They have a hard shell, but are gooshy inside.

7.  They are tenacious and hang on tightly.

8.  They live a long time.

9.  They remind me of my son, and the way he grins when he gives me a perfect gift.

And those are the simple reasons why ten tiny turtles roam my desk.

© 2012 Sue Farrell Holler