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My Story: Why Barbie was so important

My Story: Why Barbie was so important

      "Hmmm...what should I wear?" My husband didn’t understand about Barbies. He thought they were dolls.My eyes squinted. I stared him down. “They were NOT dolls,” I insisted.Barbie was something different. She had style. And allure. She had long...

The moose dishes

The moose dishes

Last summer was stressful for one reason and other. It was one of those high-speed, loopty-loop roller coaster rides where you think you’re travelling in one direction, then flip, you’re dizzy and back where you started. But we managed to get ourselves into the...

My latest venture

People often ask how I got from Cape Breton to Alberta and when I tell them about the dog team, they think I'm joking. Starting on September 16, join me about 12:30 pm Mountain Time -- on FacebookLive -- for a true story to make you smile....

Looking for me?

If you're looking for me in the next few months, I'm home. But if you're looking for a story I've written of late, you can find one all over the place -- from a beer can to a wall of the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie. I have, however, learned to stop...

Check this out!

Get a stuffie and cuddle up: Teacher and super woman, Katie Hughdie reads one of my books. An added bonus? Her intro is in Ojibwe!

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