Last summer was stressful for one reason and other. It was one of those high-speed, loopty-loop roller coaster rides where you think you’re travelling in one direction, then flip, you’re dizzy and back where you started.

But we managed to get ourselves into the wilderness for a day here or a few days there. It was on the return from one of those mini-trips that I found a mysterious box leaned against the front door. An ordinary cardboard box, not too big, not too small with a familiar smiling logo.

I couldn’t recall ordering a thing.

It was feather light and didn’t make a sound when I shifted the box side-to-side. Inside was a toy moose. I ran all through the house and then outside holding him aloft and yelling, “Look what I got!” I clutched him to my chest and stroked his fur. It was a gift from my friend and illustrator Jennifer Faria; we had just finalized the contract on our newest project.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud and super excited to announce that Jennifer and I have teamed up for another picture book, “Finding Moose,” that will be released in early April. You’ll recognize the characters from “Raven, Rabbit, Deer” and based on the title, you can probably figure out the storyline.

This is our second book in less than 18 months and I’m planning for a real, actual non-tech party to celebrate. My party boots are polished. Are yours?