(Should you be reading this?)

Years ago, when we still had answering machines with miniature cassettes, my husband was in the habit of calling home to leave “Notes to Self.”

He’d phone and start off with “Note to Self,” then say something amazing, such as, “Dentist appointment tomorrow at 8 a.m.”

In itself, this wasn’t particularly hilarious. In fact, it was probably funny only to me. Yet, we both knew that I was the only person who ever reviewed the tapes when the red light was flashing like the eye of a cyclops zombie, and I was the only one who ever wrote down the notes and passed them along. Rather than “Note to Self,” he rightly should have been saying, “Note to Sue” or “Sue, do you think you could remind me…?”

But he never did, fearing I suppose, my stubborn, slightly superior reply that I was not his social or medical secretary and that he could write his own notes. Somehow, the whole “Note to Self” thing didn’t do that. It left me no reason to take offense and thus, no reason not to write it down. In fact, it made me laugh as I was writing his personal notes.

And so, that’s how I see a blog, as notes to myself. If someone reads them and finds them interesting or funny, that’s fantastic, but really, I have no plan. No plan for topics. No plan for how often I’ll commit to doing this. It’s just something that my web designer and friend Trina Irons at www.ironsdesign.com suggested I should do. “Lots of writers write blogs,” she assured me.

“Yeah, but who reads them?”

Probably nobody is my thought and that’s why it’s called “Notes to Self.” I won’t feel bad if no one reads it; it’ll just be more grist for my writing mill.

And how does someone select a blog to read or, shiver-me-timbers, a blog to follow? Would someone really have an interest in the pithy things that might slip through my head during a day? Probably not.

But if you’ve got some insight into who reads blogs and who you would choose to follow, and why you follow them, let me know.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep writing away — to myself.

© 2012 Sue Farrell Holler