It’s not that I’ve stopped being grateful this past week – quite the opposite really. I’ve been jotting notes all over the place – whiteboard, scraps of paper and typing them into my cell phone, but haven’t taken the time to collate them.

Here is my cumulative list of the things I’ve been grateful for in the past week.

– The “forced” opportunity for personal growth. I’m learning to use technology in new ways.

– The technology (including telephones that allow you to hear people’s voices in real-time, with no distortion) that allows us to stay in touch with each other.

– The squirrel fleeing along the top of the fence after filching seeds from the bird buffet.

– The sparks of creativity that fly when you take away old “restrictions” and look only at possibilities.

Patience – learning not panic and knowing that work will get done.

– People looking after other people – remembering to smile or wave or say hello.

– That when people ask, “How are you?” then mean it and they listen for your answer.

Compassion – That we’re thinking more often now of other people – not just among or family, friends or nation, but that we’re feeling compassion for people around the world.

Patience (This came up two days.) I think this one was gratitude for a couple of women who were helping me sort out a technical issue and who never made me feel stupid during the process.

– The man with a quad with a blade on the front who clears not just his sidewalk of snow, but who keeps all the sidewalks in the neighborhood “walkable” in winter.

– The snow this week that covered the bald patches on the hill and let kids have a few extra days of toboganning.

– The big old pile of work on my desk that means I can never claim to be bored and gives me lots of reasons to procrastinate.

What are you grateful for today?