The blue sky, the bright sun sparking the snow.

The flakes of snow that shook from the sky like falling feathers while the sun shined and while I was outside.

The sight of moms and kids having a picnic at the playground.

The sound of kids fighting: “Let me in! You can’t do this! You can’t lock me out!” then a few minutes later the slam of a patio door.

My neighbour who lets me play with her dog everyday.

The dog who never, ever tires of “fetch.”

Seeing more people walking in the park than I usually see.

That I warmed up enough to remove my headband and mittens and unzip my jacket.

That the grocery store had milk and eggs.

That someone had discarded the last rutabaga in the world — in an abundant bin of parsnips.

That I was able to buy milk and eggs, rutabaga and parsnips.

That I have rediscovered the use of a telephone to hear the voices of family and friends.