There is one every year.  There’s a package so challenging to wrap that I have to use a bucket to delve into the well of my creativity.  A normal person would put unusually shaped gifts into a standard cardboard box, making it a simple rectangle or square.  A normal person would make it easy to cover in shiny paper and bows. 

But normal, I am not.  I believe gifts should not be decorative items beneath the tree; I believe that gifts should be conversation pieces long before they are opened.   I believe gifts should be so well disguised that even those tempted to peek will be stymied by design.

Have I ever mentioned the year a gift beneath the tree looked like a turkey wrapped in newspaper?  How about the one that looked like a muffler for a car?  The fishing rod that was not a fishing rod?  (These, which would win “best of” design awards, were not my doing, but that of a creative son.)

So, this year’s gift challenge looks like this:

            What could this be?

I’m an unabashed re-user of pretty gift wrapping, which, of course, is part of the problem.  Finding something that was pretty, but that wouldn’t easily tear during shipping, and that would withstand nosy poking and prodding took me on hunts through boxes and bins.  It took me almost forever, but I was pleased with the result.

Then, then…Then I went to wrap the next gift. 

Wrapped, it looked like this:                


What do you think they are?  Anyone want me to wrap their gifts?

© 2013 Sue Farrell Holler