It’s raining again, which means I’ve actually had a look at my to-do list.  Not to be frightened by it, I closed one eye.  Three words listing my least favourite chore topped the list.

Deciding I must have more important things to do, here is a glimpse of the incredibly glamourous life of a writer as I learned to axe smiley faces, rummaged through my childhood, and listened to my young voice on old cassettes:

Instant communication, but is anyone understanding the message?

Life is like a collection of cherry pits from childhood

Mean mothers and fit kids

You can learn about why a chorus of angels sang while I sat in a parking lot (Respect, loyalty and self-confidence earned) and why I love being called a “crack head”  (Terms of endearment what you make of them).  You’ll find them all at

And, by the way, the three words that topped that to-do list:  “Wash kitchen floor.”

Wait, is that sunshine breaking through the clouds.  Talk later, I’m off for a walk.