Does this cup really say “Big Sucker”?

So, the reason I’ve been so quiet lately is that I have laryngitis and everyone knows you can’t type if you have a sore throat because your right hand develops a permanent attachment to a cool drink.  Slurpees, Frosties and vitamin water in a frosted glass with a stem are most recommended.  They work best if someone gets them for you.

But, just so you know that I’m not slacking entirely and playing outside in the sun as I recover, here are links to my latest columns:

One about some “friends” who visited at night:  Batttling the enemy by clapping my hands.  (This is actually a rewrite of a column I wrote in 1986 when I worked in the NWT and wrote for The Hub.  Interesting that some things haven’t changed much.)

And one about people who bother me while I work — now that I think of it, also a type of pestilence:  Unless you have chocolate or cookies, don’t ring the doorbell

So, there you have it as one editor said recently, “It’s good to see you’re not a total slacker.”  In her next email, by the way, she referred to me as the “very best, most awesome columnist ever,” or words to that effect that are taken here completely out of context.

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