Mmmmm...candy corn!I write a lot of things, but poetry isn’t one of them. 

This will prove it.

An Ode to Candy Corn

Oh, candy corn

How do I love, thee?

Let me count thy stripes.


I love thy orange like the set of day

That in its saturated sweetness

Does fit so snugly to the tops of anterior molars

Like thy love

To be savoured raptourously hours hence


I love thy yellow like the shorn fields of wheat

That bask in autumnal morning glow

On the surface of my tongue

To elicit sweet chills of pleasure upon my spine


I love thy white

Like the snow that frosts the pinnacles of the Rockies

The way it lifts my mind

To all things eternal


But most of all, I love all three,

Melded together in the trinity of perfected love

that binds us as one,

Now and until the Eve of All Hallows.


© 2012 Sue Farrell Holler