If you’re looking for me in the next few months, I’m probably…at home.

But if you’re looking for a story I’ve written of late, you can find one all over the place — from a beer can to a wall of the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie.

I have, however, learned to stop people mid-sentence when they say, “What we normally do…” because this year is different and I hate to think of missing parties. That said, not travelling to parties and not having to worry about dressing up means more time on my bike and in my kayak, and quite honestly, those are my happy places.

Have a great summer, everyone!


June 9 – September 28

Visual Poem – “Excerpts from a Journal”
“The Curve” exhibition
Gallery 4
Art Gallery of Grande Prairie
(I’m honoured that this work will become part of the Gallery’s permanent collection.)

Now in stores 

Story on a beer can – “Roadside Beers”
Super Sessions Summer
Blindman Brewery
Lacombe, AB

Live reading here:


July 6

“Let’s make the world a better place”
Wordsmith with Us


July 21

“Let’s make the world a better place” – Part 2
Wordsmith with Us
(for Grades 3-6)

August 20

WGA Online Reading Series

I’ll be interviewing Annette Lapointe about her new book “And This is the Cure.”
Link to Annette’s book is  file:///C:/Users/Sue/Downloads/Anvil_2020_spring_Final.pdf
Interview will be here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5wGGm8N2hc.

September 26

High Plains Book Award announcement
“Cold White Sun” is a finalist for a High Plains Book Award.
Montana, USA
Cross your fingers for me!


Release of “Raven, Rabbit, Deer”
Picture book
Pajama Press
Toronto, ON