School visits at Wembley Elementary and Helen E. Taylor schools yesterday were fabulous and fun (for me, at least, though I could have done without dumping my water bottle all over myself and all over the floor.  There was so much water that the HET kids were scrambling for lifejackets, and I expected breathing devices to drop from the ceiling.  All kidding aside, thanks for the quick response of the teacher who grabbed a couple of handfuls of paper towels and who so graciously cleaned up for me.)

I hope to see old teacher friends and meet new ones Thursday & Friday at the Mighty Peace Teachers’ Convention.  I’m presenting sessions with members of the GP Children’s Literature Roundtable on Thursday and Friday about using books to help teach children in subjects other than language arts.  Our presenters — GPRC instructor Jean Reston, retired teacher Maura Good, GPPL Children’s Librarian Laura Reilly, and me — are passionate about children’s literature.  We’ll have a huge selection of exciting new books to browse through that we hope will inspire teachers to use in their classrooms to help create excited readers.  Our session is entitled, “Inspired Reading: Bringing our Love Affair with Children’s Books to the Classroom.”