All workshops are available for Grades 5-12 and adult.  Sessions are 1.5-hours, unless otherwise specified. For pricing and availability, email  Customized workshops are also available, including one-hour versions suited to junior and senior high schedules.

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Headlines, Deadlines & Just Plain Fun

Face it, journalists have fun.  Who wouldn’t want free tickets to concerts and sporting events? Who wouldn’t want to ask people questions that may not always be polite?  Who wouldn’t like to learn tips to getting homework done in a hurry?

Structured as a single, 1.5 hour workshop or as a series of four weekly sessions, you’ll learn to write quickly and accurately as you try to meet deadlines and please a curmudgeonly editor.

Suitable for Grade 5 and up.


Son of a Butcher

Butchers know fat from lean, bone from sinew, and where to find the funny bone.  Learn to recognize the bones in your writing and trim the fat for clean writing that says what you mean.  And, if this class has you feeling funny, we’ll even talk about the humerus, where to find it, and why everyone likes it so much.

Participants may bring a work-in-progress.

Suitable for Grade 9 and up.


Write it Now; Write it Fast

Writers’ block?  Not a chance!

Face it, “writers’ block” is a figment of your imagination, otherwise known as “Lazy Writer’s Syndrome.”  This session is a surefire cure to tackle the symptoms that are holding you back.

Caution:  This class may leave you begging for a large wooden block to land on your head.  Bring your favourite writing tools; you’ll need them.

Suitable for Grade 5 and up.


That’s Funny

Writing humour is hard work. (It’s not really, but the Funny Guild makes me say that.)

Funny is about knowing your audience and about picking the right words, and sometimes, being just a little silly.  Participants must like to laugh, or be subjected to utter torment.

Suitable for Grade 6 and up.


Change Perspective, Change the Story

So, you think you’ve got a good story, do you?  This class will show you how to make a creative story better by taking one step backwards and two steps to the side as we sashay into areas you probably haven’t considered.

Participants may bring a work-in-progress.

Suitable for Grade 6 and up.


Writing for a Living

Seriously, I get paid to do this!

Thinking of a career that involves writing but don’t want to become an English teacher?  From advertising to public service announcements, newsletters, websites, annual reports, magazine articles, posters, radio commentaries, speeches, Facebook updates, and books, I’ve done them all (and more).   After all, someone has to come up with those words.  Should it be you?

This is a discussion-based session that involves plenty of Q&As.

Suitable for Grade 9 and up.