To the Post Office with Mama

To the Post Office with Mama

Price: $15.95


Ages: Infant - 6 years
Toronto: Annick Press, 1994


A daily walk to the post office in a small town is always fun, but it's especially delightful when Mama isn't in a hurry. There are so many interesting things to see, hear, and do -- bright-coloured grain elevators, a train, a school bus with a honking horn -- all of it done with someone you love by your side.

  • CCBC “Our Choice” selection


“The most attractive of Annick’s regularly priced paperbacks is To the Post Office with Mama, by Sue Farrell; drawings by Robin Baird Lewis. These two gifted women have turned a simple walk to mail a letter into a haunting, deeply moving study of a toddler’s enthrallment by winter, and a mother’s love. This one will (rightly) sell millions.” – Allan Gould, Thomson News Service

“The overall feel of this book, in both narrative and the illustrations, is one of trust. The hand holding, playfulness, helping each other – all examples of physical and emotional closeness – depict a gentle, loving relationship between child and mother.” – Canadian Materials

“Annick Press has a valuable tradition of publishing books that present a toddler’s world, domestic and quotidian, with a buoyancy and freshness that can only come from a genuine familiarity with and respect for small children. To the Post Office with Mama is firmly in that tradition. Sue Farrell’s words (capture) a child’s innate poetry.” – Sarah Ellis, Q&Q