Grades 4-8

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Begins with drumming and the re-telling of the legend ‘White Buffalo Calf Woman’ to introduce ‘Lacey,’ then moves into a discussion about the drum and what she has learned about First Nations’ culture through research. She generally reads from Lacey and the African Grandmothers – either a tense, emotion-charged scene, or a loving scene between Lacey and her grandmother.

When she opens the floor to questions, she puts out the seed that someone should ask about how she became a writer in Grade 4. “I use personal stories and lively anecdotes to answer questions, and always a child will ask me about Grade 4, meaning I get the chance to discuss my rather unconventional development as a writer through a penpal addiction,’ she says.

Discussion often flows into picture books, the writing process, research and/or the blending of fact and fiction.


General Activities/Curricular Ties

Social studies, art, language arts

Research; blending fact and fiction; using real places and events to inspire writing, editing process

Global community (citizenship)

First Nations’ culture