What melting snow reveals

Those who know me well know that my preferred methods of transportation are walking and bicycling.

My first bike ride of 2019 was 10 days and what feels like a season ago. Dressed in a down jacket and mittens, I pedalled the snow-covered pathways near my home. My fingers were frozen claws after 45 minutes, but so was the ear-to-ear grin that split my face.

Gelatinous muscles still quivering, my two wheels are spinning a youthful rooster tail slurry from my bum to my shoulder blades most days. I’m pretty much a poster child for a Tide commercial, but still, there is no better way to get around.

Slushed and puddled roads, sidewalks and park paths turned to ice overnight, so this morning I walked. It’s interesting what turns up when the snow rushes to the creek, which I’m happy to report is in full flow.

In addition to regular litter and the droppings of dogs, moose and deer, here’s what I found:

– A pair of blue wool socks. The owner appeared to have sat down, removed each sock, dropped them one on each side and walked away.

– A bath towel.

– An orange t-shirt.

– A pair of pants.

– A baseball cap.

– A blister pack of pills/capsules with two missing.

– A playing dice.

– A good quality re-useable coffee mug.

– An unopened granola bar.

 Of these items, which do you think surprised me most?

3 thoughts on “What melting snow reveals

    • I only brought home a story about a naked coffee-drinking gambler with a bad cold on the way to the beach. The truly bizarre thing was that in two days all of it was gone, except for the towel, which is still beside the road on 100 St.

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