Dear Editor:

© 2014 Sue Farrell Holler© 2014 Sue Farrell Holler

Dear Editor,

The reason my submission is late today is because I responded to a casual challenge  from my friend, Joan Galat.  You will see (below) that I did some fine work here.

Please, please, please accept my late submission because I really, really need the money. The model was very expensive; she cleaned me out…of dog treats.

Wishing you all the best,

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One thought on “Dear Editor:

  1. Dear Sue and Chinook:

    I am so proud to have inspired this incredible photo shoot. Chinook is a versatile character who clearly responds well to your professional direction.

    You may recall starting the challenge with your request to see Fifi in a party hat. We’re feeling competitive now and may plan something on the runway.

    Thanks for the smile.


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